What budget do I need to go shopping with you?

Every client is different and it’s up to the client to set the budget. Before we go shopping together we discuss each client's needs and expectations and can help you set a realistic budget that you are happy with. There is no obligation to buy anything on the day, that is entirely the choice of the client.

Do you buy the clothes for me in the Online shop?

No, each client is sent a Live Style Board with links to purchase items which are available now. The client can decide if they want to purchase each item or not.

Do you work evenings or weekends?

We generally work office hours 9-5pm Monday to Friday, however we are always open to discussion about helping you around extended times.

Do you work outside the Amsterdam area?

We will travel to your location, please contact us for details. Travel costs and parking will be charged. If you are overseas we can work with you virtually.

Do you offer your services virtually?

Yes all of our services are available virtually, please contact us for more details.

What if I don’t like the items you selected for me?

This is unlikely to happen. We work hard with you to create an Inspiration Board before we send you the final Live Style Board. This way we know exactly what you want. We also offer two modifications on the Live Style Board so you have the opportunity to tell us if you see something you don’t like.

Do I need to pay for lunch and drinks when we go out shopping?

That is not necessary, we provide an opportunity for a rest break and will buy you a drink and snack. We don’t take lunch on the shopping day as it takes up your time. However we can do this if needed. Sometimes it's nice to have lunch after the session!

I would like a private appointment?

We can arrange for a personal shopping room to be reserved (subject to availability) in a major department store. This is the ultimate luxury, please let us know if this is of interest to you.

Do I choose which shops we go to?

We discuss this with you beforehand. We will go to familiar shops and also show you some new ideas, we plan the shops based on your needs and aim to introduce you to some new stores and brands.

What time do we meet?

This is up to you but 9.30am is usually a nice time to start, and we always start with a coffee!

How long does the shopping take?

We use half a day for in store shopping. This usually means 4 - 5 hours but we don’t watch our clocks. If the session is running over and you want to go on for longer we can discuss this during the day. We charge an additionally €90 per hour for this, however we would discuss this first. As there are two stylists with you we achieve a lot!

I want you to buy and bring the clothes to my home for me, is this possible?

We don't offer this service but we suggest the Online Personal Shopping as this is a great way to get the personal shopping and styling experience from your own home.


How do I prepare for a Wardrobe Edit?

You don’t need to do anything. Don’t clean and organise your wardrobe for us, that’s what we are here for. It’s important we see your wardrobe through your eyes and help you.

Do you work outside of Amsterdam area?

We will travel to your location, please contact us for details. Travel costs and parking will be charged.

I love the hangers you use, where do you buy more?

They are available online from stores such as Amazon, they are called Velvet Hangers.

Do you offer your services virtually?

Yes all of our services are available virtually, please contact us for more details.

How long does a Wardrobe Edit take?

Usually 3-4 hours at your home depending on the size of the wardrobe. Extra hours can be added if needed (at a rate of €90 per hour). We discuss this with you prior to the session.

Do I need to provide lunch and drinks?

That is not necessary, we bring our own!

I want to go shopping as well as having a wardrobe edit, will you offer me a special price?

Yes all of our services are offered as packages with a discount included. Please get in touch for details.


I would like you to come to my house to collect clothes, how does this work?

First we will ask you for more information about the clothes and where you are located. (We only collect from Amsterdam). We will then arrange a convenient time to meet you. We will go through the items and select what we can sell for you and discuss the sales price with you. We take the items away and stay in touch as soon as it sells. We also offer a Wardrobe Edit; this is a more in-depth stylist edit of your wardrobe where we can help you select items that no longer work for you. (Amsterdam area)

When and how do I get my money?

Once we sell your item, we will contact you to confirm the item has been sold and to arrange for payment to be made to you (bank transfer). We do this at the end of each sales period. The sales period is 3 months from the date the client approves the sales prices. We will contact you to extend if necessary. We keep in touch throughout the sales period.

How do I get paid for an item you sell?

By bank transfer or other or you can save the money as a credit to use in the same month as the end of your sales period.

How is the selling price set?

We set the price with you using our knowledge of what sells well. We always try to be fair and realistic with our price points.

How long does it take for you to sell my items?

As soon as we can, but it depends on each item and we can't guarantee a sale. We will list your items either on our Social Media or Webshop. We also sell your items to real people at our showroom. We work hard to build and grow our following and use this to sell your fabulous pieces. Please note not every item is put on our Social Media.

What if the item is not sold?

If the item does not sell easily, we will contact you to decide if you want to donate it to charity (see our donation page of charities we use), have the item back or sometimes we hold the item for longer or reduce the price. We will always discuss this with you the seller.

Are my items good enough to sell?

See What to Sell for more information on what we accept.

I have men’s and kid’s clothes, what shall I do?

Currently we don’t sell these items but we can discuss options with you.

I have a bulk of items how can you help me?

We only accept good quality items (see Ready to Sell), please see our donation page of local charities that we support.

What if I want my clothes back before you sell?

This is not a problem, just let us know.

Can I return an item I've bought from you?

Yes of course! You can return the item to us with the tag on within 14 days of receipt of the item. A refund will be issued once we receive the item back and check it. Postage for returns is to be paid by the customer. We recommend items are sent via DPD or POSTNL track and trace as it is your responsibilty.

I ordered a product and it did not arrive.

We use track and trace for all our shipping please contact us to try and locate your parcel.


What do I do with items you don't take on?

Because we are selective in what we sell, not every item can be taken on by Fashion and Repeat. Don't worry if you have other items, we have listed some fantastic alternative options for donations of unwanted clothing and other items based in Amsterdam.


Easily pack your things into a box and send your useable items (clothes, shoes, kitchen items, electronics), and give it to the post office for free! They send it to the organisation who donates your clothes to companies that recycle your items. You can read more about them on their website: www.packmee.nl

Hebben and Houwen

A non-profit foundation that hope to contribute to the fight against poverty in Amsterdam. "We can increase the social acceptance of minima through contemporary clothing. With personal styling we give people dignity and put them in their power." They take donations at their store and have a clothing bin located in Amsterdam. See website for details - www.hebbenenhouwen.com

Find a local Sympathy Container

Reducing textile waste unwanted items are re-cycled and re-used. www.sympany.nl/kledinginzameling

Stichting Babyspullen

This foundation collects baby items for parents that cannot afford to pay for clothes (sizes 50 to 92), bottles, and more. Here are the locations for the containers around Amsterdam: www.stichtingbabyspullen.nl/contact/inzamelpunten/


These are second hand store around the city that always take donations. They have many locations throughout Amsterdam. www.kringloop-info.nl/kringloopwinkels-provincie-noord-holland/


A charity helping homeless people in Amsterdam. They have several locations for drop off, or email them as they can also collect. www.volksbond.nl/

Local Facebook Groups

Selling unwanted items via FB Communities is becoming a real trend. Look for your local area and list your items easily.


Toys for low-income parents in Amsterdam. They take specific items and are always looking for donations, please do check their website - www.speelgoedbankamsterdam.nl/site/

IJ Hallen

Europe's largest flea market. This happens around every 3-4 weeks depending on the time of year. This is a great way to sell your clothes to the public directly, just rent a booth through their website or facebook page. Tip In Advance: Many individuals try to bargain 50 cents to 1 euro for your clothing, so this is a great way for "emptying" your used clothing from your wardrobe in large amounts. www.ijhallen.nl/tips.php

Marktplaats and ebay

Online is a great way to sell your items. This is the Dutch type of "Craigslist" where you can post anything you want to sell and where you are located, so someone can pick it up. You can also start bids on your items, and the variety is extremely wide (for example: furniture, cars, and clothes!) www.marktplaats.nl/

Salvation Army

Donation bins are located all around the city. Find Them Here: www.reshare.nl/Map

Would you like to be included in this list? Or do you have other recommendations?

If you would like to be included in this list or have recommendations of charities please do share with us, we would love to know. You can contact us here.