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Hi, I'm Maria,

London College of Style certified Personal Stylist and Color Expert. I'm originally from Sweden  (half Finnish) but actually consider myself half Spanish having lived 20 years in Spain before moving with my family to Amsterdam in 2018.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved fashion and it was never a matter of if but rather a when I was going to fully dedicate myself to it. To me fashion is a way of expression, it's a language in itself and it gives me freedom to explore who I want to be. I just love the way that we through fashion can create ourselves over and over again and exactly the way we want.

I believe in being true to ourselves and to all the things we are and can be. To me it has nothing to do with wearing the latest trends its about finding our own personal and unique style and looking and feeling great in ourselves.

I admire women that do not surrender to age or size or any ideal about what is right or wrong. I say there is no right or wrong in fashion as long as you wear it with an attitude!

A part from fashion, I'm married and have two teenager boys and my life is pretty much all about the three F’s: Family, Football and Fashion:)

Woman standing infront of a clothing rail
Two stylish woman walking on the street in pink dresses


Fashion and Repeat was founded in January 2020 in Amsterdam by two expat friends, Angela Hathway and Maria Sundqvist.  Based in The Netherlands, Fashion and Repeat was from the very beginning an exciting blend of fashion, cultures and styles. It started as a union of Angela (being from The United Kingdom) and Maria (from Sweden),  both having lived abroad for several years before meeting in Amsterdam. 

At first it was only about selling preloved clothing online and in a showroom but gradually the business shiftedd into personal styling.

In August 2023 Angela and her family made the decision to move back to the UK and Maria is since then running the business on her own.

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