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Colour Analysis
Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis

€150 Euros + btw

1 hour

A full colour analysis is a fun and enlightening experience for anyone who is curious to explore colour and what it can do for you.


Using over 50 colour drapes we will find your perfect WOW colours based on the 12 seasonal colours.  Additionally we explore colour personality, primary and secondary colours and how to mix colour together and incorporate it into your wardrobe.  

Personal Style Assessment

Personal Style Assessment

€250 Euros + btw

1 - 2 hours

Looking for a quick style boost?  This is the first step to developing your style with us and all our style services include this initial step.

We will discover your perfect colours, give you flattering tips for your body shape and lots of style inspiration along the way.  

Everything is completed with a beautiful and personalised Style File for you to cherish.  Because it's all about making you feel incredible.


Style Edit

€350 Euros + btw

2 hours

Do you often feel like you have lots of clothes but nothing to wear? 


With the Style Edit we will come to your home and help you get the most out of your existing wardrobe and put you on the right track with your style.

With style tips, inspiration, advice on fit and how to flatter your body, trends and how to use all this for your everyday look.  You will feel on the right style track afterwards.

Style Edit

Wardrobe Edit

€500 Euros + btw

3-4 hours

A Wardrobe Edit is a complete Style Edit combined with a full wardrobe restyle and organisation.

We will leave you with new ideas on how to wear your clothes, a better understanding of your own personal style and knowledge of your perfect wow colours.  

Everything is completed with a beautiful and personalised Style File for you to cherish.  Because it's all about making you feel incredible.

wardrobe edit
pesonal shopping

Male Styling

Personal Styling for men is simple and easy, we love to work with male clients to help them achieve their style goals.  With our help you could have a optimised closet which is functional and works hard for you.  Save time getting ready each morning or for your next business trip as you will have the right pieces to wear and know that they look great on you.  This is something everyman should have.

Closeup fashion image of luxury watch on wrist of man.body detail of a business man.Man's
Male Styling

Personal Shopping

from €400 Euros + btw

Want to elevate your wardrobe and find pieces that you love, to get introduced to new brands and push your style further?  Shopping with us is easy.  All you have to do is turn up we will do everything else!

Knowing where to go and what to buy can be difficult and overwhelming.  Maybe you don't have time or you don't enjoy shopping, there are a million reasons for booking a personal stylist.


Afterwards you will have a lot of bags to carry and a huge smile on your face.  Leaving a session with us you will feel like a new person.

events, parties & shoots

Events, Parties & Shoots

Imagine having all your friends round for a fashion evening or hosting a colour party?


We love bringing our fashion fun and knowledge to your party or event.  Whatever the occasion we will work with you to provide a unique, informative and enjoyable event.


We also love to style shoots for personal branding, portraits or to create a memorable picture.  With our help you can just turn up and know that everything else is taken care of.

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