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Colour Analysis


Colour Analysis

€190 (btw included)


A full colour analysis is a fun and enlightening experience for anyone who is curious to explore colour and what it can do for you. 

Did you know wearing your right colours can actually make you look younger and fresher while wearing your wrong colours can make you look older and less fresh.

To find out to what colour season you belong I use the 12 Season Colour Analysis method. 

Not only will you found out which are your best and worst colours, I will also show you how to combine your colours.


After our session I will follow up with a personalised Colour File that summarises all my findings and a little bit more:) 

Personal Style Assessment

Personal Style Assessment

€290 Euros (btw included)

2-3 hours

Want to know your colours, love your body and finally discover what your unique and  personal style looks like? 

A Personal Style Assessment is the first and very important ground laying step to developing your style.

I will discover your perfect colours, give you flattering and confidence boosting tips for your body shape and lots of style inspiration and confidence along the way.  

Everything is completed with a beautiful and personalised Style File for you to cherish.  Because it's all about making you feel incredible.

A personal stylist performing a colour, body and style analysis with a client
A personal stylist is doing a style edit with a client. The stylist is helping the client see what fits her body the best, how to dress her shape the best way

Style Edit

450 (btw included)

3-4 hours

If extra time is needed I will charge €150+btw per hour extra

Do you often feel like you have lots of clothes but nothing to wear? 


With the Style Edit I will come to your home and help you get the most out of your existing wardrobe. While going through your closet I will help you find new ways of wearing and combining what's already in your closet. I will also help you identify what is missing.

This is a beautiful session finding your unique and personal style. It is full of style tips, inspiration and lots of advice on what fits your body shape. 

This sessions also includes a colour, body and style analysis.

Style Edit

Wardrobe Edit

€590 (btw included)

4-5 hour (Depends on how big your closet is)

If extra time is needed I will charge €150+btw per hour extra

A Wardrobe Edit is a Personal Style Assessment combined with a go through of your wardrobe. 

I will organise and detox your wardrobe so you know which items work and which doesn't and help you identify what needs to be given away or sold and what needs altering.

It will give you new ideas on how to wear your clothes by creating new combinations. I will also identify the gaps that are missing.

Everything is followed up with a beautiful and personalised Style File for you to cherish.  

It is possible to do the Wardrobe Edit without the full Personal Style Assessment. Contact me and we can talk the details through.

A personal stylist is in a clients wardrobe heloping her sort the clothes rails
wardrobe edit
pesonal shopping

Male Styling

All styling services available
at same prices


Personal Styling for men is offering the same styling services as for woman. Wether it's simply knowing your colours or building up a wardrobe to improve your personal branding, I'm here to help you achieve your style goals. 


With my help you could have a optimised closet which is functional and works hard for you.  Save time getting ready each morning or for your next business trip as you will have the right pieces to wear and know that they look great on you.  This is something every man should have.

Male Fashion Model
Male Styling
A personal shopper is about to enter a clothing store with a client

Personal Shopping

from €590 (btw included)

Want to elevate your wardrobe and find pieces that you love, to get introduced to new brands and push your style further?  Shopping with me is easy.  All you have to do is turn up and I will do everything else!

Knowing where to go and what to buy can be difficult and overwhelming.  Maybe you don't have time or you don't enjoy shopping, there are a million reasons for booking a personal stylist.


Afterwards you will have a lot of bags to carry and a huge smile on your face.  Leaving after a session with me, you will feel like a new person.

events, parties & shoots
A stylist in a fabulous pink dress is posing on the street

Events, Parties & Shoots

Imagine having all your friends round for a fashion evening or hosting a colour party?


I love bringing fashion fun and knowledge to your party or event.  Whatever the occasion I will work with you to provide a unique, informative and enjoyable event.


I also love to style shoots for personal branding, portraits or to create a memorable picture.  With my help you can just turn up and know that everything else is taken care of.

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