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All of my styling services are available to male clients as well and for the same price.

If the Styling Services I already offer doesn't match your needs it is also possible to plan a unique package just for you. Just get in touch and I am happy to discuss. 

I offer advice on Fit, Physique, Colour, where to shop, advice on event styling or how to elevate your work wardrobe.  

When it comes to personal shopping I work with all budgets and no matter what the budget is I will always introduce you to new brands and styles and push your style further.  


Closeup fashion image of luxury watch on wrist of man.body detail of a business man.Man's


Having a wardrobe where I can select items easily, which work together has saved me time each morning.  Shopping with Angela & Maria was an unexpectedly fun experience which I am glad I did.  I will return for my Winter Wardrobe! Thank you girls.


Paul, Amsterdam

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