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A full Colour Analysis will open your eyes to the possibility of wearing colour.  A fantastic styling tool to empower you to express yourself with the use of colour.

Which Season are you?  Using the 12 seasonal colours I will drape you to find out to what season you belong and I will explain exactly what this means.

Full in depth Seasonal Colour Analysis using over 50 drapes, find out your seasonal colour and secondary season ( if necessary) and how to use this in your wardrobe.

Colour Personality analysis, did you know your colour season is also representative of your personality?  

Hair colour and Makeup tips for suit your skin and colour season.  Knowing your colours will help you next time you visit the hair salon or beauty counter. 

Style tips on how to incorporate your seasonal colours in to your wardrobe and mix colours together.  Not just with black!

E-book Personalised Colour File, a summary of our entire session explaining everything you learn't with a must have idea!

I love talking colour and this fun session is very hands on and enjoyable.  A great idea is to bring a friend or a small group and have your colours analysed together, contact me for a special group price. 



I loved my colour session with Angela and Maria which my daughter bought me for my birthday.  I had so much fun and enjoyed learning about my perfect season which was Spring. I was delighted to know that all the colours I love really suit me. 

Lisa, Amsterdam

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