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A full Colour Analysis will open your eyes to the possibility of wearing colour.  A fantastic styling tool to empower you to express yourself with the use of colour.


I always start my Colour Analysis with a small presentation/introduction to colours and the seasonal colour analysis method. Did you know that your best season will be the one that best mirrors your natural colour palette? A big and important part of a colour analysis is identifying weather we are dark or light or bright or soft or warm or cool. 

I will then use colour drapes to find out to what colour season you belong. While draping the different colours I will also identify your wow colour(s) and also your least flattering colour(s) - the ones to stay away from! 

During our session I will also show you different ways of combining your colours. 

After our session I will follow up with a Personalised Colour File, made especially for you. In this file I will summarise everything from our session and talk more about your seasons palette and also your wow colours and how to combine them. It is a nice little inspiring e-book in which I will also give makeup advice based on your colour season.  

I love talking colour and this fun session is very hands on and enjoyable.  A great idea is to bring a friend or a small group and have your colours analysed together, contact me for a special group price. 




Maria is such a talented amazing women! I did a colour analysis with her and enjoyed fully the experience! She discovered for me my wow-colours and the best combination of the colours that makes me shine. Also she gave me useful tips on colours for hairstyle, makeup and patterns that brighten me up!
If you would like to get inspired by colours that suit you the best, this is your person, go to Maria!

Maša Pavićević, Amsterdam

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