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Because life is way too short to be hiding in boring clothes feeling uninspired and insecure

There’s nothing as powerful as knowing and owning our style. What we wear matters and how we look makes a difference. Not only in the eyes of others but also in our inner core. Looking and feeling good or great are very linked to each other and sometimes it can be hard knowing why we don’t feel better, even though we’ve made an effort. 

If you are determined to finally start feeling confident and loving yourself and the way you look, then you have come to the right place!


And it’s not about wearing the right clothes but rather about finding our unique and personal style and owning it. With knowledge comes confidence though and I will teach you all about colours and shapes and styles and I will help you find what is your unique and personal style and how to make it yours. I will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone since I believe that’s where the change can be made. Together we will make a deep dive into how you want to look and feel and from there we will start building your very own unique personal style. 


Understanding that there are no limitations to what we can be is another important milestone. A lot of people think we need to limit ourselves to only one style but why would we when we are much more diverse than that? Being true to ourselves is key here and sometimes it can be difficult recognising the different personalities we hold inside but the sooner we let them all out the better, because just because we are minimalist one day doesn’t mean we can’t be bold and eclectic the other day.


We can fill our wardrobe with new items over and over again but if we don’t figure out who we really are and how we really want to look then we will never feel a connection with our wardrobes. 


Your style journey can start here and now.  Get connected with your wardrobe and start feeling amazing about yourself and how you look.

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Schedule a free consultation call with me

If you would like to find out more about any of my services, or maybe you aren't sure what exactly it is you need, then schedule a short 15 minute zoom call with me to help answer all your questions. 

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It was an absolute joy working with Angela and Maria! They are a fantastic team whose love of fashion and genuine mission to make you look and feel fabulous in your clothes is incredibly up-lifting.​

Clare, Amsterdam

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