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Why wear colours?

woman organising colour drapes and colour fans for a colour analysis

Having a Colour Analysis done may sound like a superficial thing to do, but it’s actually not. 

Often there is a desire behind to start expressing ourselves more through fashion and the way we dress. Our clothes speak more about us than we do so feeling good in how we’re representing ourselves is actually rather important. 

Woman posing in a pink dress in front of a clothing rail full of pink cloths

Why are colours so important then? Can’t I just continue wearing my dark colours?

If you look around, colours are everywhere, and they are very connected to our emotions and energies. Think of how different the colourings are in winter and spring for example, at least in Europe. In winter all the colours are sort of washed out,  especially in the Netherlands where I live, it’s just grey and grey and grey.

Woman posing in a grey Amsterdam wearing a green jumper and a green hat

And what happens to us during this time of greyness? We get tired and unmotivated and sometimes we can even have a feeling of having put life on pause. In general, and to most people, it’s all rather hard and feels like a struggle.

Woman posing on a bridge in Amsterdam on a sunny day wearing checked red and pink shorts and a pink top with ruffles

Then take spring as another example. When the trees burst out in this fantastic vibrant green explosion and all the flowers comes to life again and start to bloom and our lives are suddenly filled with colours and we feel naturally much more happy and more energised and more motivated.

woman holding up a clothing item in front of her seeing if it looks good

Colours for sure affects our mood and not only the colours around us but also the colours that we wear. Black may be a colour that you love but it may not be your best colour. Your best colours will be the ones that harmonises with your natural colour palette and that complements you and lifts you up. 

Often when we don’t know what colours suits us we wear black, dark blue and grey. In other words we wear dark colours in which we will be less seen. After some time of doing this we may start feeling as if we are hiding though, and not really letting our true selves show. 

blond woman posing on the street of Amsterdam wearing a bright pink dress with tull

Knowing and wearing our best colours is an easy way of starting to show our personalities to the world. It’s a doable first step to finding out how we really want to look and feel and to stop hiding. 

Often the hiding takes place because we’re too insecure to put ourselves out there. For a lot of people, knowing what colours suits them and which doesn’t gives them that confidence they were lacking. So, having your colours done is not superficial at all, but rather a longing to finally being able to communicate ourselves, and who we really are, rightfully through the way we dress. 


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