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If shopping tires you out, you make mistakes or feel overwhelmed, or simply just want to nail it ones and for all,  then let me do it!   You will feel relaxed knowing that when our session ends you will have bags filled with a successful shopping day!


Personal Shopping










Zoom introduction and information gathering (zoom upon request). The more I know about you the better!

Every shopping session always starts with a cup of coffee or tea. It's nice to get some time together to get to know each other and to talk about the planned shopping route, expectations, concerns, etc.

If a colour analysis has not been done this can be added as a bolt-on on the day.

I will plan the shopping route and which stores to visit based on your style, wishes and budget.  There will be a lot of trying on so it's recommended to wear comfortable clothing on the day that is easy to take on and off.


I will show you brands and styles you have never thought off and I will also challenge you to take at least a few steps out of your comfort zone. That is usually where the magic happens!

During our entire session I will give you loads of tips on body-shape, style, trends and colours. 


I will take you out of your style comfort zone and challenge you but never force you to do anything your not comfortable with.

I will show you the colours that really suit you and  I will of course give you constructive feedback throughout the session which will give you confidence to understand what works for you.

When we are finished you will be carrying bags of a fabulous and cohesive selection of clothes that are based on your body-shape, needs and style personality.

Follow up summary of session with links and extra information if need.

Bolt On:  Colour Analysis if not done before this is recommended (€50 + btw)

Effortless Shop
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Zoom introduction and information gathering. The more I know about you the better:)

We start our session having a cup of coffee or tea together, chatting about our planned shopping rout and expectations, feelings, doubts, questions etc.

Colour Analysis, if this has not been done previously I will quickly do your colours so we know to what colour season you belong.

Planned shopping route of stores based on your requirements and budget.

Pre-selected clothes will be waiting for you to try on in a number of boutiques.

Private Styling Room can be reserved if needed at The Bijenkorf.

A variety of stores to cover all your needs will be chosen, I will introduce you to new brands and stores. 

Guidance in picking out colours that really suit you.

Stylist Tips on body-shape, style, trends and colours throughout the day. 


Take you out of your style comfort zone and challenge you. 

Honest and constructive feedback throughout the session which will give you confidence to understand what works for you.

Follow up summary of session with links and extra information if need.

Premium Shop

If you have a larger budget and special requests and would like my help with shopping and styling (incorporating all of my styling services), I will deliver a very special VIP personalised service just for you.

What sets this service apart is the fully, to your needs, customised experience. 

I am here to help and make you feel incredible and find all those pieces you need, get in touch to see how I can help you!

Price determined after initial consultation when requirements have been understood. 

VIP Shop

Zoom introduction and information gathering (so I get to really know you and your needs and wishes).

Based on your budget and the identified shopping list I select the best online shops for you. 

Inspirational Mood board can be provided prior to the selection of the items.

Live Style Board beautifully curated showing the items I have selected with links to purchase.  (2-3 modifications can be done)

Zoom Call to talk through the looks before and after your purchase. 

Bolt On:  Try on session at your home if you live locally €150

Online Shop


I had a fantastic day with Angela & Maria shopping I can't believe they achieved so much, I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe!  The experience was so much fun and I loved trying on the clothes they selected, they had planned it all but the day felt informal and enjoyable. I can't wait to go again for the next season update!

Susan, Amsterdam

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