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A Wardrobe Edit is a deeper dive into your style, including colour analysis and wardrobe organisation. 

Zoom introduction and information gathering (zoom upon request).

In the comfort of your home or online, I will edit your wardrobe so you are left with a beautiful and inspiring closet when you open it each morning. 

The session starts with a full Personal Style Assessment. I will do your colours and we will also talk about body shape and how you want to look and feel and I will help you understand what your unique and personal style could look like. A Personal Style Assessment is also always a session full with confidence boosting.

 Part two of the session is taking place in your closet and together we will go through your wardrobe and identify what should stay and what should go, all based on how you want to look and feel. Say for example you want to look elegant and classy and your closet is full of sweat pants then actually looking and feeling elegant and classy is going to be a daily struggle that you will find is hard to achieve.


 With the items identified as staying I will show you new ways of wearing them and I will create new looks and help you re-style your existing clothes.

​While doing this I will also identify the existing gaps in your wardrobe and list them out for you. Sometimes it is hard to see the few pieces missing that's keeping us from actually wearing our wardrobe. I will help you with that!

After our session I will follow up with a Personal Style File. This is a beautiful summary of all our findings and includes details about your colour analysis, body shape, style personality and pictures of the new combinations created.

Re-cycle or donate your old clothes. I can leave this for you to take care of or I can do it for you.  I always try to send clothes to better homes and not landfill! (removal of unwanted items is charged extra).

Style File Carolina Aldeco Cordoba (1).png

The Personalised Style File is an in depth summary of our entire session put together in a beautifully presented and totally personal e-magazine for you to treasure with lots of extras.

Your colour season, body shape and  style personality

Style Inspiration board, personalised for you, an inspiring source of reference for when you need some help and ideas. Basically your unique style visualised. 

Gaps, I will list the items missing from your wardrobe in order to make it work cohesively for your style.  This is a great reference for when you are next shopping (on your own or with me). Please note that I will only list the type of item missing, not give link to a specific item.

Must have idea, For your must have item I will give you a direct link to that one item you have to go and buy now!


Try on pictures from the new looks created during our session. 



It is a present for yourself, and I recommend it to everyone! It was fun, informative, lots of great advice that I will take with me every time I go shopping or when I choose my outfit for the day, Maria made dressing up more fun for me!!! Thank you!!!

Kim Vrielink

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