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Do you feel like you have lots of clothes but nothing to wear? Then a Style Edit is a great way to find new ways of wearing your clothes and fall in love with your wardrobe again.


Zoom introduction and information gathering (zoom upon request).

In the comfort of your home or online, I will create new looks from within your own wardrobe. I will help you rediscover your closet and combine your clothes in new ways. 

The session start with a Colour, Shape and Style Analysis to find out to what colour season you belong and what best suits your shape.

During our try on session will teach you how to dress to flatter your shape, make the most of your best assets and love yourself now.


I will help you express your true self through fashion, bring your look alive and discover what your unique and personal style could look like. It is a session full of inspiration and knowledge. I will also identify and share with you the gaps in your wardrobe that are holding you back. These will be listed in your Style File but please note this is not direct links to specific items but more of a general list of items needed.


After our session I will follow up with a personalised Style File that is a summery of all the findings from our session, and a little bit more:)

Style File Carolina Aldeco Cordoba (1).png

The Personalised Style File is an in depth summary of our entire session put together in a beautifully presented and totally personal e-magazine for you to treasure with lots of extras:

Style Inspiration board, personalised for you, a source of reference for when you need some help and ideas.

Gaps, I will list all items missing from your wardrobe in order to make it work cohesively for your style.  This is a great reference for when you are next shopping (on your own or with me). Please note that I will not give direct links to items but provide a list of what kind of items are missing.

Must have idea, here I will provide a direct link to that one item you have to go and buy now!  



Today I finally realised deep in my core that...

I have a fabulous body

Great taste

That needs to be flaunted with my own twist

With colour and pattern to fit

If your spirit lacks this, I can't recommend Fashion and Repeat enough to wake you and your wardrobe up.


Perle, Amsterdam

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