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How many preloved pieces do you have in your wardrobe?

The interest for preloved fashion and vintage clothing is growing steadily.

We constantly find more and more vintage and preloved online stores as well as preloved and second-hand physical stores. And even though this sustainable and aware way of shopping fashion is predicted as the most growing way of shopping fashion in the future. There are still people that have never bought one preloved item in their life.

How can that be?

It probably has to do with the erroneous assumption that preloved equals second-hand or worn out and unwanted items ready for charity. For those of you who already are shopping preloved you know this is not the truth.

Preloved can be second-hand of course, but its mostly fabulous items no longer being worn.

People would be surprised to find out how many amazing items that are out there not being worn and just sitting in a wardrobe waiting to find a new home.

Preloved is really anything loved from high end brands with tags on still to low end but well kept and beautiful.

The beauty with buying preloved, a part from the sustainable aspect, is that you can dress much more unique by finding these very special items that no one else will be wearing.

So, if you are one of those persons that never shopped preloved we invite you to check out our web shop and Instagram and if you are located in the Netherlands why not make an appointment in our beautiful showroom!

All our showroom clients have had an amazing experience and found beautiful items that fit them perfectly! Some things you just have to try and shopping preloved is really one of them! See what our clients say...

"Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon shopping with Fashion and Repeat. You are a great stylist. It was fun to try things in your collection that I would normally not think to be my style and yet once I had an item on felt like a new woman. I was thinking of only buying one dress and yet left with a bag full of great pieces. I can't wait to shop with you again for the fall."


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