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Is New Necessary?

With the onslaught of the #newseason Autumn trends appearing in stores, on social media and our inbox, it certainly makes you feel pressurised to buy new clothes and that all your existing clothes are not good enough. I feel it myself and quickly forget what pieces I already have, what looks good on me and before I know it I have purchased new items without thinking.

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Fashion hunting

This is a marketeers dream! This is what they want! They want you to feel rubbish and that you are not on trend, your clothes are old and tired and you would look so much nicer in their latest pieces.

But being more #considered and #slower in your approach to fashion and trends is really important right now and it can be just as rewarding as buying new!

Here are my top tips for the new season ahead:

1: Look inside your own closet

Get the old pieces you stored away for winter back out, you may find these do get you excited about Autumn again. Maybe you bought some winter sale items that you haven't worn yet, now is your chance. Look at what you have and what you need to buy.

2: Check out alternative sources of fashion

It's easy to click on the HM or Zara app, but honestly, everyone is doing that and everyone is starting to look the same! Have you seen what's in your local boutique, what is being sold in a preloved store and what companies like #fashionandrepeat have on offer. It will be more fun and interesting finding out and treasure hunting.

3: Sell your old clothes

If you're having an end of season clear out then consider contacting Fashion and Repeat to make some money on your preloved clothes. It feels good to know they are going to a new home and being loved again.

4: Slow down

Buying impulsive often means fashion mistakes are made. Be a little slower in your approach to fashion and when you buy new you will enjoy and saviour it even more.

Rail of preloved clothes from Fashion and Repeat Autumn collection
Fashion and Repeat Showroom

Having said all that it's important to enjoy dressing up and expressing yourself with fashion.

I myself am fairly spontaneous and love the feeling of a new item to wear. But I don't mean 'new new', I get that rush of love for preloved new too! It's just as rewarding and possibly even more fun finding it.

Being creative in your style means you don't have to be a slave to the trends. You will be on trend by being unique and individual. I actually think the followers of trend are sometimes the least stylish!

So please try these tips, let us know what you think and share any ideas or resources for fellow #fashionhunters.


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