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Let's talk body positivity!

Don't compare yourself to others. We are perfectly imperfect just the way we are.

Body positivity is something we work hard with in our styling services and we really cherish our body shape talks that we have with our clients. Loving our own bodies can feel like something that is hard to do and often we have societal ideals in mind when we look at ourselves.

We believe the first step to body positivity is simply accepting ourselves the way we are. Our bodies work hard for us every day and they deserve to be appreciated. AND, we do not need to be perfect to feel confident. Comparing ourselves to others is like going down a big hole since it will be a comparison filled with wishing we were someone else, which we will never be.

Thinking about what we don't have will only awaken negative feelings towards ourselves and will leave us feeling not good enough.

This is where the body shape talks come in handy. We don't need to put a name on the shape we have but it does help to know what flatters our shape the most and what doesn't and why. This is an important part of our styling where we openly chat about body shape and confidence in ourselves.

We constantly meet a lot of woman that feel very insecure about their bodies and a lot of times this is due to them not knowing how to dress their shape. When we don't know what to wear we look for the safe card and we don't dare to take any risks and we will also most likely be more or less covering up and no one benefits from covering up! There are ways out of the negative rabbit hole though and knowing your shape and what suits you is a great place to start.

For us body positivity is something really important as we believe every woman deserve to feel amazing about themselves.

We are not saying it is easily done but there are certainly things to do. To start with we encourage everyone to focus on the things we like the most about our bodies, our assets, and to make the most out of them. Don't focus on what you don't like or what you don't have. Focus on what you have and decide to accept and love yourself.

We always find that really small things make a big difference in the end and we have to start somewhere. Here are a couple of suggestions of small things we all can do and that for sure will make us all feel better about ourselves. Give it a try!

  • Say something positive to yourself every time you look in a mirror. Look for things you like instead of complaining about things you don't like.

  • When someone gives you a compliment, say thanks instead of giving some excuse (a lot of people do this!)

  • Compliment people around you. Look for things you love in/on them, and tell them!

  • Keep reminding yourself you don't have to be perfect to earn the right to feel confident. You decide.

  • Wear a colour that you love and that looks great on you. It will make you shine and boost not only your energy but also the peoples around you.

And remember, there is only one person just like you. You are unique and you deserve to feel special.

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