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I love it, but when am I supposed to wear it?

If you would ask me when this pandemic is over, what were the most commonly spoken phrases in our showroom I would say;

-I love it, but when am I supposed to wear it?

-But there's nowhere to go, where am I gonna wear it?

It's been tough I agree, and it's still tough but to be honest one of the things that makes me feel good is still the shopping! I just love how the shopping, necessary or not, in no way makes me feel guilty anymore. Before I could easily feel bad If I thought I was shopping too much but now I actually feel as if I'm doing a good thing which I actually am supporting these small and local businesses. Because I just love doing that. Instead of getting my new cozy winter hat from a big worldwide company, I got it from a small local boutique. It's even handmade and the owner who made it was the one selling it to me in the shop. That kind of shopping is the best one.

Like when our customers come to our showroom. Seeing them trying on all these beautiful pieces and seeing how they can't stop smiling because they love what they just tried on, really means everything. And dressing up feels great. Even though we are just at home. It makes a huge difference and I feel so different the days I get properly dressed and put some makeup on. I feel like me again.

It's difficult not to surrender to the yoga pants but we can do it. It's interesting how the home decor business is doing great during the pandemic since people are spending more time at home and want to make their home beautiful. I wonder why we don't take the same care of ourselves? It's obviously very inspiring and fun dressing up for going out but there's really nothing stopping us from creating that same feeling at home. Because we don't dress up for others, or at least we shouldn't, we should dress up for ourselves. And remember, we don't need a party to party:) So just do it! Just get dressed up!


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