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Reloved not Preloved

It struck me the other day that it should be Reloved and not Preloved. Preloved is something previously loved while Reloved is something that is loved again. We've had some intense weeks at Fashion and Repeat and so much have happened in such short time. And starting a new business in the middle of the outbreak of Covid 19 epidemic has really been challenging. I think being forced to work separately and differently and to come up with new ways of moving forward has been really fruitful and enriching though, and not only for our business but also for us as human beings.

The slowing down has made us more aware and has given us time to think abut how we used to live our lives before the outbreak. How we used to meet friends or how we used to have dinner and even how we used to shop our clothes. The important thing is that we pressed pause for a while and that that pause made us realise how done we are with fast consumption in general.

When it comes to fashion we strive to express the real or better us and we let the clothes we choose to dress in speak a language to the people we meet. I love that about fashion, the fact you can play and constantly change who you are or how you want to be seen. Fashion is also a way of showing your uniqueness, the real you. I know not everyone likes the attention of sticking out but no matter how you like to dress theres a perfect Preloved, or Reloved item for everyone.

If you are not used to shopping second hand or Preloved you may think it's either smelly ugly clothes that no one ever loved or just really old vintage pieces that not everybody is fond of. I have always loved second hand because there you could find the unique vintage pieces. What I did not know until rather recently was that you can even shop preloved fantastic basics. Everything is out there and it is amazing what we all have just sitting in our wardrobes. And there's really no excuse any longer for not taking care of your wardrobe and for making sure that what you are not using finds another home instead of being just thrown away.

Today there are so many companies working with buying and selling Preloved clothing and Fashion and Repeat is only one of them. Ever since we started we have been adapting to what would suit our clientele the best because we want to make it easy for people to both sell the clothes they are no longer wearing and also to find new preloved or new vintage treasures to buy. If you still don't think the second hand market is something for you I invite you to check out our fabulous collection of preloved clothing. You will be surprised how much love that can fit on one website:) And please, why don't we starting calling it Reloved instead:)


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