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So these are the trends for spring/summer 21, but how do we actually wear them?

Figuring out the newest coming trends can be complicated and while scrolling through the fashion magazines you may be wondering what that would actually look like in real life. Because the trends don't tip toe, they make a lot of noice and they are meant to do so. They should be bold and somewhat difficult to interpret, if not they wouldn't be anything new or special. This year I decided to dig into the trends a little deeper and to really understand them and how they best can be worn. Here is what I found!

The Monochrome Trend

Monochrome, consisting of or displaying images in black and white or in varying tones of only one colour.

This season is really all about going all the way and probably a response to the latest lockdowns. Wether it's a colour or a length or a detail it's all very much taken to its fullest. Like the monochrome trend. This is a beautiful trend that can be worn in so many ways, either one single colour top to toe or why not one single pattern top to toe. Go as bold and crazy as you wish or tone it down and wear it elegantly and elongating wearing just one single colour. The big designer houses have shown a predilection for black and white's worn together and with some outfits seemingly inspired by chess.

The Stylist tip: Want to make a bold statement? Choose patterned monochrome outfits in strong colours. Want to appear more subtle and elegant? Wear this trend in a single colour top to toe. In general, let this monochrome trend spread out over all your different outfits. It's a fabulous way of elongating your profile (one single colour top to toe) and also a fantastic way of achieving those bold statement outfits (stripes or pattern top to toe)

The Bralette Trend

The bralette trend is one of this seasons "naked" trends. The beauty with this trends is that it can be just as naked as you wish. Maybe you are brave enough to go all in on this sexy, elegant and effortlessly laid back trend or maybe you prefer to just let your bra/bralette be slightly revealed under a sheer shirt or blouse or dress. The bralette can also be worn on top of lets say a shirt or a dress. Just try this trend out and make it yours.

The Stylist tip: Wear the bralette in a monochrome outfit, either one single top to toe or one pattern top to toe and I promise you, showing off some skin has never been more elegant.

Do The Floss Trend

Do the floss trend is loosely translated as a series of crisscrossing cords and wraparound details resembling dental floss (therefore the name) that can emerge from skirts, from the aforementioned bralette, as well as gathering up the middle region of a maxi dress. This trend does not have to be a "naked" trend and there's really no special way of wearing these cords and wraparound details so just play with it and see if it's something for you.

The Stylist tip: Try wearing several belts together as a wraparound detail:)

Wide Legged Trousers

There is a lot of comfort in this seasons fashion trends and throwing out those skinny jeans and trousers and replacing them with comfortable wide legged baggy yet elegant trousers seems like a perfect way of stepping back outside again. The wide legged trousers are really taking over as our everyday trousers and they look amazing worn in a monochrome outfit or why not with a bralette and an oversized blazer. Wear them in any model and in any colours just make sure they are wide legged and you won't go wrong.

The Stylist tip: The baggier the better!

Floaty Maxi Dresses

Here's another comfortable trend this season that is saving a lot of us not really ready for that tight fitted dress: the floaty maxi dress! Floaty romantic dresses, all floor-sweeping and in sheer fabrics, plain or in wonderful colourful patterns. Whatever colour or style you opt for just make sure its a floor-sweeping dress.

The Stylist tip: Think floaty, comfortable riviera glamour and there you have your inspiration:)

The Cape

This trend is like a romantic dream about a place, far, far away. That is how the cape trend has been explained. It has been a tough year for many of us and the cape represents “Castles in faraway places,” said Simone Rocha, when summing up the inspiration for her spring collection. “I think that’s the escapism we’re all craving.” No one obviously needs a cape but it's a wonderful piece of clothing or accessory that can be worn in so many ways.

The Stylist tip: Wear the cape as an elegant detail on an evening gown or together with a pair of jeans or baggy trousers or why not letting it replace your normal jacket or blazer?

The sequins trend has also been referred to as "The Livingroom Disco". Sequins are beautiful and sparkly and for many people something you dress up in for Christmas or New Years Eve. This season though the sequins are everywhere, not only at the party or on the dance floor. They are worn together with sneakers, as wide legged baggy trousers, in a monochrome outfit or why not just mix it up with a T-shirt or maybe a sequins bralette ontop of a white shirt (Check out Simone Rochas collaboration with H&M). To me this trend is also very dreamy and playful and I just love the fact that we are taking the sequins out in the day light. Who can resist?

The Stylist tip: Dress down your sequins with a pair of sneakers or plain sandals.

Cut outs

As well as there is a playful and comfortable thread running through this seasons trends there is also an elegant one. Even the cut out "naked" trends are worn elegantly and classy. Even cut outs can be worn in many different ways, showing off a lot of skin or not showing off any skin at all. Cut outs could be placed in the bottom of a skirt or a dress or ontop on a jumper for example.

Stylist tip: Wear it as part of a monochrome outfit like the image to the top left. All white top to toe with beautiful cut out details and gorgeous accessories.

The Corset

The corset is a fabulous way of accentuating that waist of yours and is actually not more complicated than wearing a top. Goes beautifully with the floss trend and maybe this is how we will all be wearing it. A fitted corset-like top, tightened or just wrapped with long cords. It is a playful trend that makes completely sense together with the floss trend:)

The Stylist Tip: Wear the corset in a monochrome outfit to get that edgy elegant look.

Lady With A Twist

The "lady with a twist trend is like the ultimate "anything is ok" trend. Mix up your elegant dresses with beanies and sandals or why not mixing that gown dress with those boots etc. The list can go on forever and ever and what distinguishes this trends are the interesting and unexpected mixups.

The Stylist Tip: Think comfortable and then think chic and there you have your outfit:)

The Fishnet Trend

Fishnet, a trend that brings drama to any outfit. Let yourself get inspired by beautiful creations and let only your imagination stop you. Theres nothing comfortable about this trend rather the opposite like a resistance to surrender to comfortable and practical. Thank goodness for this:)

The Stylist Tip: Wear it as a beautiful cape or as a cut out dress.


Is there anything more energising than stripes? We see them in all colours and mixed together vertically and horizontal and the bigger, the ballsier, the better! Give new life to an old stripy style, paired with neon or strong colours they suddenly feel fresh again.

The Stylist Tip: Combine different kinds of stripes, both colour and vertical/horizontal and even use them in a monochrome outfit. And remember the bigger and bolder the better!

Source: Vouge UK


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