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The perfect summer wardrobe

After a long and cold winter the summer is finally here and we can't wait to throw on all those amazing and colourful yet comfortable summer outfits. If you change wardrobe for the season you may be loving what you are unpacking or you may be wondering why you keep holding on to all those items that you haven't worn in years and that you most likely won't be wearing this summer either.

Let's face it, creating the perfect wardrobe can be hard to do and if we are spontaneous shoppers than the chance is there is just too many items hanging in the closet making getting dressed a night mare,

A lot of people keep thinking the more the better but when it comes to clothes that is not necessarily the truth. We can fill our closets with items that are not really working and in the end they will only take up space and make it harder finding what we are looking for.

So, key is really to make sure our wardrobes are filled with items that we are wearing and that are working hard for us. With working hard we mean items that you can wear in different ways and outfits and that can be combined with other items of yours.

This summer we absolute love floaty maxi dresses. They are so easy and comfortable to wear and works for all occasions.

A short suit is also a fabulous trend that's not only trendy but also really functional. Wear the suit together for a more put together look and wear the shorts and the jacket separately for a more casual day to day look.

Yellow is one of this seasons Pantone colours so why not add a pop of yellow to the footwear and to the basic t-shirt?

We love a gorgeous one piece and this is just to die for. Wear it with a striking cover up, and chose one that also works outside the beach like this beauty here that looks amazing with jeans or shorts or why not belted and worn as a dress?

Finally the two accessories that will lift any outfit up, the big sunglasses and the beautiful beach bag!

Most importantly of all, don't be afraid of mixing and matching and creating your own style because that's what makes you unique.

And remember, if you need help you can always let a personal stylist sort your wardrobe out. We would love to help so don't hesitate contacting us if you would like to know more about what we can offer.

Have a lovely summer and enjoy wearing those amazing and colourful summer outfits!


Angela & Maria


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