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Who are we?

Find out more about Angela & Maria, the women behind Fashion & Repeat here...

We are

Angela (@stylingbyangela) &

"As a personal stylist and a fashion blogger we quickly became very good friends".

I remember our quick talks in the school cafeteria planning for our next photo session, what outfits to wear and what location to use. After some time we started making fashion videos and both loved the process and the response we got.

We had so much fun while doing these videos and they were also really appreciated by our followers and friends and the videos soon became kind of our thing. So, you can easily say that fashion brought us together, and football; We are both expat moms to sporty boys and we actually got to know each other through our boys.

After a while we started feeling a little bit uncomfortable though consuming outfits so thoughtlessly and we gradually started feeling we wanted to do something more real and with more meaning.

We had made a couple of videos with preloved clothing and we were both familiar with the treasures that can be found shopping second hand. We were also, and are still, really inspired by the story behind each clothing item. You would be amazed to know how many fabulous items there are out there just sitting in someones closet waiting to be taken out!

We decided we wanted to help find a new home for these preloved beauties because we believe these clothes deserved to live again! And that's how Fashion and Repeat was born.

We constantly hunt for treasures to sell and there are lots of them out there. We have learnt to check whats available in our own closets or in a preloved store before buying new items spontaneously. The way we both shop has really changed since starting Fashion and Repeat and we want to inspire people to do the same.

"We don't only shop preloved but we definitely think twice before buying a new item and it really becomes the new normal."

An other aspect to buying preloved is that it gives you the chance of dressing much more uniquely you. We have a lot of expats as our customers and clients and we have brands in our showroom that we didn't know existed.

So, this is our fashion journey and we are so excited you want to be a part of it. Fashion is so much fun and so doing good for our planet can also be. A lot of people associate sustainability with being dull and of being excluded from all glamour and luxury, but that is not the truth. Preloved can be as glamorous as any fabulous boutique.


Fun facts about Angela;

  1. My Dad sends me comfort packages of English food and magazines every month. Favourite item is Angel Delight!

  2. I have the biggest feet of all my friends and often only mens shoes will fit. Thank goodness for sneakers!  I am a size 42!

  3. I can count to 10 in Russian but one of the numbers is missing and I am not sure which one. (Shame on me as Maria can speak 3 languages maybe more!)

  4. I have always been a bargain hunter, my parents owned an antiques shop and I grew up surround by treasures that were ever changing and I’ve always had an eye for a bargain.  I still wince at the prices of some fashion items and feel guilt when I am frivolous.

  5. I have moved around as an expat and lived in Hong Kong, which was an amazing experience (pre kids), I still haven't returned and would love to!


Fun Facts about Maria;

  1. I have big and ugly feet and just love the fact that Angela has got even bigger feet than mine (I’m a 41-41,5)

  2. I’m from the north of Sweden and grew up practically in the forest. I left  when I was 16 though because I was just dying to live in the city!

  3. I lied my way into the University of Havana thinking it would be enough taking Spanish 2 months to study history at the university in Cuba!

  4. I love to dance

  5. I used to be a goth and I had my hair in all the colours there are.

  6. Before we moved to Amsterdam (2 years ago) I lived 20 years in Madrid and my Spanish husband says I’m more Spanish than Swedish now😉


Like, comment and share. We are growing and really appreciate everyone who gets involved and wants to connect with us at Fashion & Repeat.


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