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Coming soon...the Limited Edition of "YOU"!

Does the way you look represent who you are or do you perhaps feel like you are trapped in a look that's not as fabulous as you actually are?

Maybe you are a dreamer and a lover of all that's pretty and romantic or perhaps you are bold and daring and a true lover of colours and patterns but not letting that shine through in the way you dress, And if that is the case, did you ask yourself why?

There are many different versions of ourselves that we can be and there is no need to limit ourselves to being only one. A lot of times we find ourselves stuck in a habit and changing that can seem both difficult and scary. But style is not something we agreed to on a contract it is something we create everyday over and over again and everyday we get a new opportunity since we are the creators and inventors of ourselves and our style.

Often our style or how true we are to our style is linked to confidence. We worry what people will think or say if we would give in to our true style and stand out. I know a lot of people are afraid of standing our but I always thought, "why blend in when you can stand out?" I guess I'm blessed with being born that way so no credit at all to me for standing out since it doesn't mean stepping out of any comfort zone at all. Because it is when we step outside of our comfort zone that it gets scary and we will start doubting wether it's right or good enough etc.

But, it is not until we start taking these steps outside of our comfort zone that we will notice any difference. And there will be a difference, a big one. You will shine and you will feel amazing and people will notice and be drawn to this change in you that is not just about the look but about you feeling amazing about yourself.

So, to find our incredible style we first need to find that confidence of ours and that's always where our style journeys starts. And in order to find that confidence we need to make changes, sometimes small and sometimes big but always a change. Maybe we start today by changing something, just anything, to make today count as being the first step to our limited edition of ourselves.

Happy New Year to you all and Happy New Limited Edition of "You"

*Photos by Consuelo Edeling Photograpy


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