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Let's talk body confidence

Accept who you are

We wanted to take a moment and talk about confidence and especially body confidence. When you are not confident it sounds so easy hearing someone confident talking about the importance of loving ourselves. Love can take time, we know, but we should at least make an effort accepting ourselves the way we are. Because let’s face it, we have the bodies we have. We can try to loose weight or gain weight or build muscles or build no muscles but we can’t really change the main shape of our bodies so let's just accept ourselves the way we are, perfectly imperfect!

Unfortunately we meet many women stuck with a negative and erroneous image of themselves and being able to remove that internal programming which is so draining is what our job as personal stylists is actually about!

We see women go from hiding behind their clothes to stepping forward and shining in just a couple of hours and it’s the most exciting and emotional journey of them all!

In the end it’s about accepting who we are and how we look and to learn how to dress for our shape and to maximize our assets! Because we have all got them but maybe we just couldn't see what others see!

Don't cover up!

Stylist tip! 👏 A mistake a lot of woman make is trying to cover up the parts they don’t like. Covering up will always add volume and take away shape and is rarely a good option. Understanding our body shape though and learning what fits best is a great start for building up that confidence.

Changing a habit of negative thoughts can be difficult but we need to try! Start today! Accept your imperfections! We all have them and they’re what makes us unique! Tuck in! Show off your waist and your curves! Have fun getting dressed today and walk the streets with your head held high because you are beautiful!

Put some colour on and let that colour flood you with energy! Do something new! Wear earrings or heels or maybe even a dress! And yes, important to remember is that some days we will make it, we will dress up and we will feel amazing, but then some days we won’t and it’s perfectly fine! Just because we didn’t find the energy or the incredible look today doesn’t mean we won’t do it tomorrow! Have a fabulous day and don’t forget to compliment yourself and others 🌸



Great article! Always love your positivity and happy energy! Love you x



You both are SUPER, positive powerwomen, with a great mentality. This is a great, useful article and must be helpful for many women. Head of for you. Love you,


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