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Party clothing shopping tips

This time of the year I think it's very hard not feeling the craving of buying something new.

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve around the corner and numerous friends, family and work gatherings in our agendas we are definitely all of a sudden in much more need of something to wear for going out.

And the sparkly sequins are literally everywhere and very hard to resist.

Before we make a purchase though there are a couple of questions we should ask ourselves, especially when it comes to party wear and sequins. For example:

  1. How likely am I to rewear this item?

  2. Do I already have items in my wardrobe that are more or less the same?

  3. Does it go with the rest of my wardrobe? Can I make at least 3 new combinations with this new item and my existing?

  4. Do I only wear sequins on Christmas and New Year's Eve?

  5. Is this item on my gaps/wish list?

It is easy to be swept away by the look of something festive but it's smart to stop and rethink for a bit. We might actually have something similar already and if that is sequins and we are only likely to be wearing sequins on Christmas and New Year's Eve, then buying more sequins seems like an unnecessary waste.

It all comes down to who we are and how we like to dress, in other words, what our unique Style personality is.

I've said it before and I will say it again, without really knowing what our unique style personality is, making wise shopping decisions will be hard. Most likely we will end up buying a lot of new things but still feeling like we have nothing to wear. 

The clothes hanging in our wardrobes should work nicely together. Each item is not supposed to work only in one look but we are supposed to be able to make endless new combinations in our wardrobes without buying anything new. You probably heard about “shopping your own wardrobe” and this is exactly what it is about.

So, before you buy that item ask yourself if it is really you and how likely you are to actually wear that again.

It is obviously fine to have a couple of items in our wardrobes that are just for those really special occasions. But the main part of the closet should be wearable and alive and combined and worn in different looks.

Let me take myself as an example. I recently bought a purple sequin skirt and top. I love sequins and am most likely to be wearing sequins not only at Christmas but actually all year around. I also have had a purple sequin skirt on my gaps/wish list for some time so that was an item I actually have identified as missing in my wardrobe. I know I will be wearing that purple sequin skirt with a pair of sneakers and a knit or with a shirt/top and a pair of boots.

The same goes for the top, I will probably combine it with a pair of black or pink or green trousers and perhaps even with my purple skirt. To sum it up, I will wear each item in different combinations and not just like a set together for one occasion only. 

The clothes we have hanging in our wardrobes should be worn and the moment they are not well they become kind of useless. So buy that sparkly festive item but please, make sure you rewear it in different looks and make the most out of it, not only on Christmas:)


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