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The power of confidence!

Don't you just love how something starts as one thing, then leads to something else and finally ends in a completely different way? Well I do. I love the unexpected and think its the most refreshing and inspiring thing ever. Especially when it comes to fashion.

It's the unexpected and unknown that makes life interesting and we keep hoping to be surprised and when we are not we start feeling a bit disappointed. At least I do!

I felt everything but disappointment on my recent weekend trip to Milano though. The shopping was amazing, unexpected and even more inspiring than expected and I really enjoyed the repeatedly falling in love moment that I hold so dear,

And Italy is really the perfect place to be if you are looking for some fashion inspiration. Sipping on an Aperol Spritz meanwhile doing some people watching is like reading the Vogue. People look amazing and best of all, people look different.

I got to wondering though, what is it that Italians have got that others don't? Why does an Italian woman look chic and stylish wearing only jeans and a t-shirt whilst most women struggle pulling that off? What is it that they have? And I realised, it is only partly about the clothing, style, brands and those small but oh so important details, but mostly about confidence and how they wear themselves. Italian woman look great no matter what they wear because they wear it with pride. They are confident and the confidence makes everything look good.

Italians don't seem to be walking around wondering if what they are wearing is ok or too much or too little. They just wear it and own it and that's what makes them so special.

Working on our wardrobes and our styles is important but I have to say it's equally, or if not even more so about working on our confidence, especially when it comes to fashion and feeling good about ourselves.

But how do we build up confidence? What can we do to feel more confident in ourselves?

To be honest theres plenty to be done but knowing how to look our best when it comes to colour, shape and style will instantly provide us with a dose of confidence. Because unless we hide at home and never meet anybody, our looks, style and appearance is constantly put out there for all to see. And what if we are not sure about what we are wearing and if it's the right shape or the right colour? What if we walked around with that constant insecurity which in turn nurtures even more insecurity when what we actually want to nurture is confidence! Imagine how far you could go!

Remember how something can start as something and end as something completely different. That also applies to us, to you and to me. Just because we feel insecure now doesn't meant we have to feel that way forever. We can change things, it is possible and often much easier than we think. It's just a matter of deciding and doing.


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