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Trends, update your look for now!

Most of our clients tell us they don't follow trends, but as Personal Stylists we do believe that a few updates each season will make the pieces that you already own work harder for you, After all, wearing what you have is the most sustainable way to dress but how do you 'Love what you have' season after season? By adding a few trend pieces of course!

Girl smiling in floral roll neck top green trousers
Autumn Winter Fashion trends 2021
How do I know which pieces to buy to update my look?

This is a question we get asked all the time and of course the answer is very individual because personal style is 'personal' after all. We look at each client with fresh eyes and will advise on trend items based on their existing wardrobe, shape, colour season, budget and many more factors. Getting it wrong can mean trend pieces sit in your closet unloved and wasted. That's not what anyone wants!

What are the trends this season?

Every season we are overwhelmed with new trend ideas driven by the fashion houses. This season (Autumn Winter 2021), we have seen a strong contrast to the pandemic and a year of being at home, The trends this season question this and are all about getting back out there, being happy, living life and breaking free. We love this sentiment and also want to wear everything we have not had chance to recently!

Which one trend item should I buy this season?

If we had to pick one it would be footwear. Footwear and Accessories are the baubles on the Christmas tree, these small details are what can make or break an outfit and are also easy to change in order to create a really on trend look. Boots, this season range from very heavy and chunky to more elegant heeled and even beautiful vintage styles. Pick the style which you are drawn to and also works well into your wardrobe. Don't be afraid to try something new after all trends are about pushing boundaries, you will instantly feel more modern.

I need new jeans, what are the denim trends right now?

Another common problem is getting our clients into the right jeans. Jeans should be flattering and the one piece you can reach for day after day and not get tired of. No matter what style or wash you go for, make sure the waist sits in the right place and is not too low, which can be unflattering on most body shapes. The trends right now are all about throwing it back to the 90's and 70's. Long in length, wider on the leg, even flared and higher waisted. Having said that its impossible for everyone to be able to carry these looks off and we always encourage our clients to buy a pair they love and which are flatting no matter whether they are skinny straight or any style in-between!

I'm bored of all my clothes this season, what shall I do?

Personal Stylist shopping Amsterdam
Angela & Maria shopping with a client

Book a session with us of course!

Our first priority with all our clients is to show them how to make better use of the clothes they already have. We constantly amaze clients by creating new looks from within their wardrobes and we always do this before we create a shopping list. With so much hiding in our closets and that feeling of having a wardrobe full but nothing to wear is a repeated theme. However after we sort through and eliminate those pieces which really need to go, we make sure clients are left with a dazzling beautiful closet which they fall back in love with again. Feeling inspired we go shopping together or leave clients with a comprehensive list of what is missing, either way they no longer have that feeling of hating their wardrobes, in fact they want to experiment and play with their style and feel incredible again.

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