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Why would anyone possibly want or need a Wardrobe Edit?

A friend of ours recently asked why anyone would possibly want or need a wardrobe edit!

Well, there’s actually as many reasons as there are people and each individual reason is what drives that specific wardrobe edit.

Maybe it’s a feeling of having lost our style, or maybe we even feel we never had one. Or we simply want to change because we changed but not our clothes and now they are just wrong. We could go on and on about the reasons, believe me!

And what does a wardrobe edit with us look like then?

Well, you can say it’s divided into three parts;

First comes the pre-work

Second the actual wardrobe edit

Third the follow up.

In the pre work we will do a introductory zoom call, send out a questionnaire and quiz and ask for photos etc.

On the actual wardrobe edit day, that takes around 3-4 hours, we will start with a personal style assessment that contains a colour, body and style assessment.

After that we will dig into your wardrobe and together with you identify what should stay and what should go.

The aim is to find new ways of wearing what you have already got and to find new combinations.

For example, if your wish is to dress more elegantly we will find new elegant ways of combining your clothes and we will also identify the gaps, items we think is missing and needed, in order for you to take your style to that next desired level and to help you get better use of your current items.

When finished we will leave you with what feels like a brand new closet, all beautifully hung and folded and perfectly organised.

After the wardrobe edit we will follow up with a personalised style file, like an e-book in which we will summarise everything from our session (and there’s a lot to!) Here you also find valuable tips about colour and shape and style! We will list the gaps identified and also add a link to your must have item! How does that sound?

If you are curious and would like to know more about what we could offer you please get in touch. We can offer our services both in person and virtually so it doesn't matter where you are located.

Have a lovely day and looking forward hearing from you!


Angela & Maria


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