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How to shop the sales?

It's no secret that 2020 has been one of the toughest years for Fashion Retail to date. The Corona Virus has changed our shopping habits and the many lockdowns have challenged even the most established stores to breaking point. The only thing we all seem to have been united in buying is hand sanitiser and masks!

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Shopping in 2020
Consumers have been enticed back in store with endless discounts

and the January sales seem to have been going all year! Shops are desperately trying to sell us their stock and get cash flowing again but where do you start if you want to take advantage of these discounts and where does preloved fashion fit in to all this competition? It is pretty overwhelming out there.

Preloved fashion shopping, second hand, resale. Discounts. Second hand shopping. Vintage.
Preloved choices

Well as for preloved we all know it is hugely discounted right from the start. Prices are generally set at 30% of the original value which means a 70% discount right from the off!

Also many sellers are willing to negotiate a little

something which you can't do with the big stores, so don't be afraid to ask.

Check out what else is out there first, get as familiar with preloved websites such as FashionandRepeat as you do with your regular stores and know a good value item when you see it!

Sale shopping, discounts, preloved. Designer discounts. Bargains. January Sales. Corona Virus.
Overwhelmed by the sales?

But what should I buy?

Online shopping can mean endless scrolling and then giving up when you realise the time, but don't worry, we have all been there. Here are some top tips from a Personal Stylist to help you focus and save you from falling down the online rabbit hole!

  1. Capsule Pieces. Look for those timeless classic items that you always need. Jeans, Jackets, Nude heel, belts, sneakers. Look in your wardrobe and make a quick list on your phone. The items you can't live without. Buy again and double up when the price is right as you won't regret having them ready.

  2. Quality over Quantity. Now is the time to look at the designers you lust after. Buying quality means the item will last for years so the price per wear low, especially if it is also discounted. Go get that Ganni dress you dreamed of.

  3. Jackets and coats. These can be your main event especially in colder weather. You never regret having coat and jacket options so go for those first.

  4. Jeans. The premium brands really love to discount. Get a style you havent tried before and update your look instantly for the same price as the highstreet.

  5. Natural fibres. Knits, shirts and tops in silks, cashmere, mohair etc are always an investment but in the sales you can buy beautiful items at affordable prices and with care they can last for years.

  6. Beachwear. Standing out on holiday can be expensive but finding a beautiful swimsuit or beach dress at a snip of the cost will see you through many holidays, you can feel smug knowing you paid less for it!

  7. Lastly, get online and add to your basket without over thinking, then review at the checkout. Have a budget in your head and then delete items to get close to your set budget. Keep the items you would be gutted about if they disappeared.

Finally... If you don't buy much that's fine. Buying for the sake of it is when mistakes are made, its better to get one fabulous piece than 10 mistakes. You can always ask for help from a #Stylist if you want someone to do the work for you.


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