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The Leather Skirt

There's really nothing as classic and fashionable as a leather skirt. And it has been there through the entire fashion history, in different shapes and colours and looks, of course,

but always there.

With a leather skirt you can dress up or down, sexy or casual or whatever you want really.

The leather skirt is such a powerful, inspiring and versatile clothing item, we just love how some of our favourite fashion icons have worn it.

Sophia Loren...

We love Sophia Loren and her absolutely fabulous leather look. She manages to create that accidental icon power look probably without even trying. That belt and leather on leather, it's brave and powerful and would not look out of place on a runway today.

Some have just got it!


Cher is another fashion icon that knows how to wear a leather skirt and that pulls it off with that desired “this is what I threw on” look. This style you can buy over and over each season, never off trend just sexy and effortless.

Kate Moss...

Kate Moss is like the modern version of Sophia Loren’s all leather look. This look is gorgeous and very powerful, look at the shoulder pads, we just love it!

Brigitte Bardot...

Brigitte Bardot is another fashion icon that knew how to wear leather. We love the androgynous feeling that the tie is giving this sexy yet elegant look. She was way ahead of her time.

Feeling inspired yet? Here's more of our fave iconic looks we can't ignore...


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