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The real you!

Starting a new year is a great opportunity to launch the new you! Most new years resolutions are about loosing weight and starting to exercise more (which in most cases is always a good thing to do.)

But, what if this years resolution really was about you and not in a sense of what's expected of you, but rather really and truly about you. This is hard, I know. Questions like, who am I? start popping up? Or, what makes me special?

woman walking confident on street wearing a vintage blazer

Getting to the bottom with how we actually want to look and feel is a crucial step one. Next step is to actually go for it and put it into practice, not just words. Through my years of working as a Person Stylist I have come across so many people being held back by their insecurities.

It's important to ask ourselves why they are there? What are they based on? Whats holding us back? What do we need to feel less insecure?

 woman uplifted by wearing a fabulous skirt

Looking like everyone else can feel comforting since no one will pay any particular attention to us. In other words, it feels safe. However, I always found that looking like everyone else is a missed opportunity of looking like ourselves, like us. Imagine if the brands didn't want to stand out but rather just look like the rest of the brands, That would be extremely boring and disappointing..

stand out wearing colours

This year, what if we instead of blending in would aim for standing out. And what if we would finally listen to that inner voice of how we actually want to look and feel and just go for it no matter what other people think or are doing. What if this years focus was to bring out and display that authentic you. The real you! I know you can do it!

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Jan 04

Love this!

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