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Why a Closet Cleanse could save you money and time each day

We all start the day getting ourselves dressed so a wardrobe that is organised and inviting will help you set out with a clear mindset.

Clearing space, decluttering, detoxing, cleansing, cleaning, doing this gives us a sense of joy and calm.

Imagine opening your closet to get ready and feeling inspired and confident about what outfits to put together? You can save so much time each day not only when you get ready but when you next hit the shops, as you will know exactly what to buy! Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

When we do a Closet Cleanse for a client not only do we organise and de-clutter a clients wardrobe we advise on where to shop for missing items focusing on many fabulous pre-loved boutiques we know in Amsterdam. We can even bring items with us that we think would really work for you from our fashionandrepeat preloved collection. Our aim is to leave clients informed and inspired to wear their wardrobe differently and to be excited by it again, with a focus on sustainability.

A Capsule Wardrobe, yes you can have one too!

Have you ever wondered if you could have a capsule wardrobe or what one is? During the Wardrobe Editing process, items which no longer fit are unflattering, or are making you feel no “joy” will be removed. This leaves a clearer more easy to navigate wardrobe which is organised into sections, you will be able to put new outfits together as everything will start to work for your style.

Shop your own Wardrobe

This is the fun part. We will guide you on what items go together and work great on you and really flatter your body shape. You will discover new options and looks, you have more than you probably realised and with the fresh expert eyes of a personal stylist guiding you, you will fall back in love with your clothes and enjoy them again.

It becomes clear during the session what items are missing and are needed to really elevate your style and make your wardrobe work better for you. A shopping list is created with helpful links and pictures after the consultation, this can be used afterwards and kept on hand when out shopping. We even advise where to buy items using our insider tips and style advise focusing on sustainable choices. We sometimes even take gorgeous pieces from our own pre-loved collection for you to look at in the comfort of your own home.

WOW Colours

Clients are left understanding their style needs better, what clothes and shapes suit them and flatter their body shape. What colours make them look fresher and brighter and younger even. (Colour drapes are used during the session to identify your WOW colours). This is an enlightening moment for many!

It really does make a huge difference to have professional friendly eyes of a stylist guide you and put your wardrobe back together in an organised thoughtful way. Fresh beautiful hangers can even be provided so you will literally have an Instagram worthy closet at the end!

It's vital to mention all unwanted clothes are donated to charities and organisations locally or sold via Fashion and Repeats Social Media and Website, the costs each client can get back from this can be used towards the closet cleanse. So it quite literally pays for itself.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in this service or to find out more. We would love to hear from you,

Angela and Maria xxx


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