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Ol'e Madrid!

Fashion girl model in Madrid, crochet skirt and straw hat

If you have ever been to Spain you know Spanish women really know how to dress up in a very feminine and chic and quite extravagant and always colourful way. As a lover of colour and extravagant pieces, being in such an environment is like being in heaven for me.

A couple of weeks ago I had the very luck of being invited to an amazing summer party with a Caribbean theme and I must say it was a tonic for my fashion soul. So many amazing and colourful and interesting looks to be inspired by. I was also amazed by how different and unique and personal everybody looked. So refreshing seeing people embracing their own style and taste.

Yellow Dress Summer fashion Madrid
My look for the Caribbean party

There were one shoulder giant ruffle tops with flared cropped trouser’s, maxi dresses, mini dresses, fabulous skirts with simple tops, crochet dresses, separate skirts and tops and more, it was a feast for the eyes! The accessories were also really out there with everything from flowers in the hair to big headpieces with fruits and colourful turbans. I wish I could have photographed them all to show you!

When going shopping it also struck me the wide range of different brands and looks and items the shopping scene was offering. And of course a lot of strong colours and prints and patterns everywhere. I was especially caught up by two Spanish brands that both ship to the Netherlands by the way;) Purificación García and Chie Mihara.

I’m bringing with me back to Amsterdam a gorgeous Purification Garcia dress and fabulous Chie Mihari shoes that I could not resist. I have another Purification Garcia dress I have my eye on that I absolutely love so might have to click that one at home.

Red dress, party look. Madrid, summer fashion.
Just another day in Madrid!

If you happen to be traveling to Spain in the summer, I suggest you check out these brands that are both available at El Corte Inglés (that is the biggest shopping mall in Spain). If it's not Spain you are travelling to, let your self be inspired where ever you may go. When i think about it, my most important inspiration when getting dressed is the inspiration itself. When I feel inspired I am open to letting myself be inspired by absolutely anything.

It can be an unexpected colour combination in nature or an old rusty door. I'm telling you it can be whatever at all! Since I take a lot of pictures I am always on the hunt for the perfect back drop and to be honest I think I have a hard time not screening everything for back drop potential, ha ha! However, the search for the perfect back drop always inspires me and maybe I see that beautiful old door or that ugly industrial bridge and get inspiration to wear a certain outfit to go with that. In the end the important thing is letting yourself be inspired and not what actually inspires you, but just noticing a different feeling and soaking in a new environment when you travel. Feel the inspiration, start somewhere, whether it's a back drop or a colour or a skirt or a pair of trousers just start somewhere and build up on that.

Because life in colour is really such a more joyful and happy and interesting life and I always wondered why anyone could possibly want to stay away from colours! Neutral looks are fabulous as well and can be really chic and elegant but never as vibrant and personal as a colourful look. At least not if you'd ask me:)


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