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Oui Paris!

A couple of weeks ago Fashion and Repeat went on it's first business trip to Paris. Not only is Paris just a quick train ride from Amsterdam it is also a fabulous and fashionable city full of vibrating life, beauty and inspiration which made it a natural choice of ours.

And If we learned something, especially after lockdown, it's that inspiration needs to be lived and we need to get out there to find it. A change of scenery is therefore always refreshing as we then really see things with new eyes.

Not very surprisingly we went trend hunting and soaked in the chic Parisian style that we both love so much, And one trend that we, or Maria, really picked up on was the french beret:)

If you have been to Paris you know that it is a city to fall in love with. The beauty is everywhere and even the smallest cafe's and local bistros are full of that Parisian chic atmosphere. It is really everywhere and also very contagious. We enjoyed so many beautiful moments and even tasted the French herring that was surprisingly delicious.

We loved strolling the streets and popping in to very typically Parisian cafes for a coffee or a wine and not to mention the shopping! To be able to do it properly we would have needed much more than just a weekend though which is a good reason to start planning our second Paris trip. We also used the weekend to create beautiful content of course and doing a lot of people spotting on the streets. Inspiring? Oh yes!

See you soon, Paris!


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