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What makes us special?

As you might know I've recently taken over Fashion and Repeat fully and am now running the company by myself. Transitioning from a duo to "only me" requires some rebranding and I am at the moment finding myself in the middle of mine.

Questions like, what makes me special and what makes me stand out and what differentiates me from other personal stylists are keeping me awake at night. To challenge ourselves is not easy. Neither is seeing ourselves with the eyes of others or being able to put the finger on what it is that makes us special.

I do know that for me fashion is presence. It's attitude and a way of expression. It's a language in itself and it gives me the freedom to explore who I want to be on that specific day or in that specific moment.

Fashion is freedom and we should never box ourselves in thinking we can only be one kind of ourselves. I actually think my mission as a personal stylist is to set my clients free. To help them find their inner true self(s) and embrace them. To understand that we can be so many different things and not only one.

I don't believe in forcing a set of expected looks onto people. I want to bring out what is unique in each person. That's what personal styling is to me. Not saying what everyone need in their wardrobe as if we all needed the same things. On the contrary, personal styling should be just that- personal. It is not about pushing a fix idea on to everyone. It's about finally bringing out that true self of ours and letting her or him shine.

Fashion is constantly changing and I believe in being open to these changes and to letting ourselves feel inspired by everything around us. I do believe that creative people have their hearts and eyes opened and therefore find inspiration everywhere., and that's what I want to do, I want to help people open up their hearts and eyes and be inspired and letting this inspiration shine through in the way they dress. Because there are no rules for a personal style. No musts that need to hang in every wardrobe. We are all different and we need to build up a wardrobe that is true to who we are and what inspires us and makes us shine,


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